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Compared with earlier generations of cranes, C5’s robustness and strength have reached a whole new level. The structure of PONSSE C5 is completely new, from the rear frame of the machine to the tip of the boom. The base tilt angle of ±20° makes work easy even on steep slopes. Sliding the crane is made stronger and more precise by two direct-drive slewing motors and a new, sturdier slewing ring.

The pillar and booms have been designed to cope with even the most demanding conditions, and the high lifting capacity ensures smooth work even when handling large trees. The slide, implemented through steel rollers with bearings in the extension booms, minimizes friction in the extension. This significantly decreases fuel consumption compared with an extension with slide pads.

The new PONSSE C5 sliding boom crane offers 10% more lifting power, up to 30% more slewing power, and a more robust and reliable structure compared with its predecessor, the PONSSE C4. PONSSE C5 is an excellent choice for regeneration felling with large trees and sloping sites.

Technické detaily

Slewing torque (gross)
57 kNm
Crane tilt angle
Crane turning angle
Lifting moment (gross)
248 kNm
8.6/9.5/10 m (28/31/33 ft)