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The PONSSE C44+ parallel crane combines the lightness and excellent efficiency of the hydraulically operated parallel function, the easy use enabled by the carefully considered geometry and superior crane operation, as well as the power and durability Ponsse products are famous for. The structures are built for heavy-duty operations, but the lightweight design and the low centre of gravity provide excellent stability for the base machine.

Technické detaily

Slewing torque (gross)
PONSSE Beaver 40 kNm, PONSSE Fox 52 kNm, PONSSE Ergo 57 kNm
Crane tilt angle
PONSSE Fox ±15°, PONSSE Beaver -12 °/+18°, PONSSE Ergo ±20°
Crane turning angle
Lifting moment (gross)
PONSSE Beaver and Fox 230 kNm, PONSSE Ergo 250 kNm
PONSSE Fox:10-11 m (32.8-36 ft ) (H5, H6), PONSSE Beaver: 10-11 m (32.8-36 ft) (H5, H6), PONSSE Ergo: 8,6/10/11 m (28.2/32.8/36 ft ) (H5/H6/H7)