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Ponsse Buffalo



The upgraded PONSSE Buffalo is a highly efficient and reliable middle-sized forwarder which is excellent for thinning and regeneration felling. What is familiar from the previous model is the large load space, great driving geometry and high loading capacity in relation to minimum weight. What is new is the even more functional and maintenance-friendly structure, improved engine performance, higher tractive force and more comfortable cabin.

The load-bearing capacity of the PONSSE Buffalo is 14 tons using regular bogies, and 15 tons using balanced bogies. Productivity and usability are based on the efficiency of the engine and hydraulics, the powerful loader and the large load space. The new EU Stage IV engine offers unequalled power and an excellent response to loads, and has a first-rate fuel economy. The upgraded transmission and increased tractive force offer, not only irresistible power, but also an accurate feel of the terrain. Furthermore, various load space options, loaders, loader scales, etc. are available for tailoring each machine perfect for each purpose.

The new cabin has a direct impact on the comfort of the driver. Visibility towards the front wheels is better, there is more storage space and the controls are the most ergonomic there are in the market.

Technické detaily

Minimum weight, 6-wheeler
17 200 kg (37,919 lbs)
Minimum weight, 8-wheeler
18 600 kg (41,005 lbs)
Typical weight, 6-wheeler
18 400 kg (40,565 lbs)
Typical weight, 8-wheeler
19 800 kg (43,651 lbs)
9 610-10 770 mm + glide bunk 700 mm (378-424 in + 28 in)
2 895-3 085 mm (114-121 in)
Ground clearance
680 mm (26 in)
Transportation height
3 860 mm (152 in)
Steering angle
+- 44 degrees
Outer turning radius (short rear frame)
7 960 mm (26.1 ft)
K100+ K90+
Slewing torque (gross)
24,340 lb-ft (33 kNm) 33 kNm (24,340 lb-ft)
Crane turning angle
360° 360 degrees
Lifting moment (gross)
118,009 lb-ft (160 kNm) 140 kNm (103,259 lb-ft)
25.6 ft /31 ft (7.8 m / 9.5 m) 7,8 / 10 m (25.6 / 32.8 ft )
Mercedes-Benz OM936 LA EU Stage IV (Europe), Mercedes-Benz OM906 LA EU Stage IIIA (other countries)
EU Stage IV: 210 kW (286 hp), 3A: 205 kW (275 hp)
EU Stage IV: 1 150 Nm (1200–1600 rpm), 3A: 1100 Nm (1200–1500 rpm)
Tractive force
185 kN (41 589 lbf)
Driving speed
0–20 km/h (0-12 mph)
Fuel tank volume
200 l (53 gal US)
Hydraulic system
Control system
PONSSE OptiControl
Working pump
190 cm3 (11.6 cu in)
Oil tank volume
170 l (45 gal US)
6-wheeler, front
700/55–34” or 710/55–34”
6-wheeler, rear
710/45–26.5” or 800/40–26.5”
8-wheeler, front
710/45–26.5” or 800/40–26.5”
8-wheeler, rear
710/45–26.5” or 800/40–26.5”
Several different grapple alternatives
Load space
Load carrying capacity
14 000 kg (30,865 lbs), 15 000 kg (33,069 lbs) with balanced rear bogie
Load space cross-sectional area
4.5-5.5 m2 (48-59 sq ft)
4.5-6.0 m2 (48-65 sq ft)
Load space length
4 210-5 410 mm + glide bunk 700 mm (165-238 in + 28 in)
Log gate
Log gate can be moved hydraulically

Plenty of optional equipment is available in addition to the comprehensive PONSSE Buffalo standard equipment. Consult your nearest Ponsse Service Center or dealer for more information on the standard and optional equipment.