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Ponsse Activeframe



PONSSE ActiveFrame is a new cabin suspension system for 8-wheelers. It has a simple and functional structure, suspending any sideways movement directed at the driver effectively and unnoticeably.

As a result, driving is very comfortable and any stress on the body is much smaller than before. Productivity increases as the cabin suspension system helps the driver keep going even after a long shift. Comfort in driving allows the driver to use higher speeds, particularly when driving an empty load, and working with the crane is more efficient as the system keeps the cabin horizontal even in rough terrain.

The solution is technologically close to the Scorpion levelling system, in which separate sensors have been replaced by reliable components built in the control module. Thanks to the dual frame structure, the pivot point of the ActiveFrame suspension system is very low at the level of the bogie axle. This eliminates any swinging directed at the driver as efficiently as possible.

Technické detaily