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The K70+ is a modern loader for small and middle-weight forwarders. Its cold-formed special steel booms and numerous high-strength cast components guarantee the loader’s reliability under even the harshest conditions. The damped-end extension of the shorter S model makes working at close distances pleasant, just as the hoses located inside the boom system of the longer, double extension M model facilitate working at long distances, such as during thinnings. The K70+ loader is standard equipment for the Gazelle and Wisent forwarders.

The highly popular hose system inside the boom is available as a standard equipment for the K70+ M/S loaders. The built-in solution protects hoses from branches and thus increases their service life. The K70+ M/S loaders’ reinforced structure and excellent geometry guarantee improved working efficiency and durability.

Forwarders spend most of their operating time loading, making the power, movement speed and controllability of the loader key factors for efficient harvesting. PONSSE loaders meet these challenges by offering extreme performance for their size, extensive hydraulics capacity and the advanced OptiControl system. PONSSE loaders feature booms made of high-strength steel and high-quality cast components that guarantee performance even in the most extreme conditions.

Technické detaily

Slewing torque (gross)
24.5 kNm
Crane turning angle
Lifting moment (gross)
106 kNm
7,9 / 10 m (26 / 33 ft)