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Harvester systems

PONSSE harvesters use the Opti4G information system, which is the most advanced and easiest to use on the market. Opti4G is the operator’s user interface with the machine control system. In addition, it handles all of the operations required for cutting from data transfer to marking for bucking and reporting.

The Opti system’s easy-to-use programs offer convenience in managing marking for bucking files and calibrating the machine. The system not only makes it easier to adjust the machine and its software, but it also includes reporting, data transfer and work management tools. The intelligent system produces other harvesting information, such as tracking operator working hours, output, machine operation and fuel consumption.

The Opti4G is fully compatible with all standardised harvesting control systems. The system is based on an ordinary Windows operating system and personal computer, which makes it easy to install data transfer and map applications to the harvester.



The needs of the end-user of the timber determine how logs are cut on-site. Opti’s automation makes the operator’s work easier by controlling the cutting of logs according to the requirements stored in the system. The OptiControl system combines all machine controls in a single entity by making the measurement values, settings and alignments easily available. Combined with a Ponsse harvester head, the efficient information system guarantees quick wood processing during logging, accurate measurements and high productivity.



PONSSE harvesters and forwarders with a PC are equipped with time and efficiency tracking as a standard feature. Once the driver has logged into the system, the program automatically collects information on time distribution, production, machine operation and fuel consumption. The operator can view all the reports on the display. The program also produces report files that can be read using the OptiReport program in the machine and the office.