Špička v lesnom hospodárstve.

Forwarder systems



New level of forwarder management and accuracy

PONSSE forest machines feature outstanding performance, based on the basic OptiControl forwarder system and an electronically controlled diesel engine. OptiControl makes machine control easier, with the crane, handles and buttons, drive transmission and diesel engine operating as a single easy-to-use entity.




Ponsse invests in the development of the efficient and economic use of machines at the level of technology and users.

PONSSE EcoDrive is a forest machine app which provides the driver with easy-to-understand, easy-to-use info about machine use. Through the machine’s control system, it monitors the machine’s load and fuel consumption on a function-specific basis (e.g. the use of the loader when loading and unloading, and driving with and without load). The system indicates in real-time whether the driver’s working methods and machine controls are economic and efficient. With EcoDrive, you can focus on what is essential in order to develop working methods.




Opti-PC accelerates wood procurement

PONSSE forwarders can be seamlessly linked with the wood procurement management system with the high-performance Opti-PC system and OptiForwarder software. This enables nearby transport to be planned and implemented and roadside storages monitored almost in real-time. The software includes the OptiControl machine control system with operator profiles and data transfer and reporting programs. A map program with GPS positioning and a data transfer application can also be added to the system.




Getting the loads right on the scale

PONSSE LoadOptimizer load scale is available to forwarders as optional equipment. The scale weighs and reports on the assortments transported to the roadside by driver and load. The calibration method, based on random weighing, has been developed to make it easier to track the measuring accuracy of timber during the driver’s work. Ponsse LoadOptimizer produces PRL files according to the StanForD standard, which can be read with the OptiReport reporting application.