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PONSSE BuffaloDual is an effective harvester and strong forwarder all in one – economically at the operating costs of a single machine. PONSSE BuffaloDual can be converted from harvester to forwarder and back in just minutes. Its technology has been tested in practice, being at the solid Ponsse level familiar from other models.

PONSSE BuffaloDual flexibly supplements the capacity of standard machines, and excels at sites where flexibility is the key. It is also a cost-efficient solution at sites where the use of two machines is too much and too expensive.

PONSSE BuffaloDual is based on the PONSSE Buffalo forwarder. The significant upgrades made in the 2015 model guarantee machine efficiency, serviceability and reliability. BuffaloDual is a simple and strong dual machine solution that does not require any expensive special components.

Technické detaily

Minimum weight, harvester
19 100 kg (42,108 lbs)
Minimum weight, forwarder
20 300 kg (44,754 lbs)
Typical weight with all equipment
21 500 kg (47,399 lbs)
Length, harvester
9 060–9 360 mm (357-369 in)
Length, forwarder
9 680–10 230 mm (381-403 in) + glide bunk 700 mm (28 in)
2 895–3 085 mm (114-121 in)
Ground clearance
680 mm (27 in)
Transportation height
3 900 mm (154 in)
Steering angle
± 44 degrees
Outer turning radius (short rear frame)
7 960 mm (26.1 ft)
Slewing torque (gross)
24,340 lbf (33 kNm)
Crane turning angle
Lifting moment (gross)
160 kNm (118,009 lb-ft)
9 m
Harvester head
Weight from (depending on the equipment)
900 kg (1,984 lbs) excl. rotator
Feed system
3 feed rollers
Feed force
19 kN (4,271 lbf)
Maximum opening
530 mm (20.8 in)
Feeding speed
6 m/s (20 ft/s)
Mercedes-Benz OM936 LA EU Stage IV (Europe) / Mercedes-Benz OM906 LA EU Stage IIIA (other countries)
EU Stage 4F: 286 hp, 3A: 275 hp (4F: 210 kW, 3A: 205 kW)
EU Stage 4F: 1 150 Nm, 3A: 1100 Nm (1 200–1 600 rpm)
Tractive force
185 kN (41,589 lbf)
Fuel tank volume
200 l (53 gal US)
Driving speed
0-20 km/h (0 – 12 mph)
Hydraulic system
Control system
PONSSE OptiControl
Working pump
190 cm3
Oil tank volume
170 l (45 gal US)
8-wheeler, front
8-wheeler, rear
Load space
Load carrying capacity
14, 000 kg (30,865 lbs), 15 000 kg (33,069 lbs) with balanced bogies
Load space cross-section
4,5–5,0 m² (48-54 sq ft)
Load space length
4 100–4 650 mm (161-183 in) + glide bunk 700 mm (28 in)
Log gate
Log gate can be moved hydraulically
The P0NSSE BuffaloDual comes with extensive standard equipment. Ask our service representatives about the standard fittings as well as the additional options available.